Welcome to Computer REPAIR

Computer Repair offers quick and reliable computer service and repair at a reasonable price. We will come directly to your home or office and solve your computer problem right on the spot.

Computer Repair offers...

    * data recovery services to businesses and homeowners in the Las Vegas and Henderson area.
    * Custom built servers/workstations
    * Computer upgrades - upgrade memory or hard drive
    * Software installation - windows or business software
    * Security optimization - firewall protect, update hot fix
    * Antivirus installation and live update
    * Laptop is on but no display, laptop make noise
    * Fix Laptop motherboards (water damage, dead montherboard)
    * Hard Drive (make nosie, blue screen, missing system files)
    * Power boards (won’t boot, no sign of power)
    * LCDs (for dim or flickering screens, broken, blank screen)
    * Power Jack (need to move around to make it work)
    * Install Win98/2000/NT/XP/Vista, apple OS and all software
    * Data backup - backup in tape or hard drive, create restore point
    * Virus removal - remove the trojan horse and other viruses
    * Spyware removal, clean up cookies, delete temp files
    * Data recovery from the hard drive
    * Troubleshooting hardware and software problems
    * Tranfer data, document files, mp3 music, picture
    * Computer maintenance, disk clean up, disk defragmentation
    * Router configuration, secure wireless connections